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List Institutional Support For Exporters

admin/ January 2, 2018/ International Trade/ 6 comments

Institutional Support For Exporters Exporters India Institutional Support,As explained in the class, number of Institutional Support for Exporters India is extending various kinds of support for export promotion.  The list along with the addresses in Maharashtra is given below. MSME _ Development Institute, Mumbai. MINISTRY OF MSME GOVT. OF INDIA MUMBAI…in the service of small scale industries in Maharashtra ROLE

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Procurement Cycle in Supply Chain

admin/ January 2, 2018/ Supply Chain Management/ 4 comments

Procurement Cycle in Supply Chain Preamble The structure of the Procurement Cycle in Supply Chain department depends upon various factors like nature of the items Procured, volume, frequency of Procurement, inspection procedure, to be adopted etc. The structures and procedures followed also vary from company to company. An authority of amount to be spent on Procurement also may vary in

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Procurement, Structure Of Supply Chain Department.

admin/ December 29, 2017/ Supply Chain Management/ 2 comments

We are going to discussed Procurement and  how supply chain department has to have close interaction with other departments in company for achieving desire goals of company and cannot afford to work in isolation.  Procurement, Structure Of Supply Chain Department Supply chain management being a critical function has to be handled by a competent person who should be part of

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Logistics , Supply Chain Management

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Historic Development. Logistics and Supply Chain Management has been discussed in trade books and textbooks since the past two centuries. The concept of evolution of logistics and supply chain management is of recent origin and has roots in USA. The first college textbook on purchasing was authored by prof. Howard t. Lewis of Harvard business

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DGS&D- Public e-procurement

admin/ December 17, 2017/ Supply Chain Management/ 2 comments

DGS&D- Public e-procurement The DGS&D, the Director General of supplies and disposals is the central agency (DGS&D- Public e-procurement), which buys material on behalf of Government of India. It services various government departments like Ministries, public sector undertakings, Railways, state governments, local public bodies and Quasi public bodies like municipalities, district boards, etc. being a central purchase organization. It has

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