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Leasing, Make or Buy Decision,

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Purchasing Decisions Make or Buy, Buy or Leasing and Sub-Contracting Make or buy decision, leasing Make or buy decision, leasing; Manufacturing company cannot produce by itself all the components required by it sometimes it may have capacity to produce still a decision has to be made weather it is economical to produce in house or buy it from outside Factors

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Procuring, Materials Management

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Procuring and Supply Chain Management. Procuring,Supply Chain Management is a total concept involving and organizational structure unifying into a single responsibility the systematic flow and control of material and identification of the need through customer delivery. The Supply Chain management contributes to increased profitability by coordinated achievement of at least materials cost. This is achieved by optimizing capital investment, capacity of

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Procurement, Structure Of Supply Chain Department.

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We are going to discussed Procurement and  how supply chain department has to have close interaction with other departments in company for achieving desire goals of company and cannot afford to work in isolation.  Procurement, Structure Of Supply Chain Department Supply chain management being a critical function has to be handled by a competent person who should be part of

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