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Import Export Policy 2002-2007

admin/ January 4, 2018/ International Trade/ 16 comments

Import Export Policy of India,  IMPORT EXPORT POLICY 2002-2007,trade policy governs exports from and imports into a country. IMPORT EXPORT POLICY 2002-2007 is one of the various policy instruments used by a country to attain her goals of economic development.  This policy is thus, formulated keeping in view, the national priorities for economic development and the international l commitments made

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Import Export Procedure

admin/ January 2, 2018/ International Trade/ 10 comments

Import Export Procedure Import And Export Procedure, Financing, and Primary Consideration Of international shipping documents.. Import Export Procedure Introducing: Firms engaged in international trade face a problem – they have to trust someone who may be very difficult to track down if they default on an obligation.  Due to the lack of trust, each party to an international transaction has a

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Procuring, Materials Management

admin/ January 1, 2018/ Supply Chain Management/ 1 comments

Procuring and Supply Chain Management. Procuring,Supply Chain Management is a total concept involving and organizational structure unifying into a single responsibility the systematic flow and control of material and identification of the need through customer delivery. The Supply Chain management contributes to increased profitability by coordinated achievement of at least materials cost. This is achieved by optimizing capital investment, capacity of

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Procurement, Structure Of Supply Chain Department.

admin/ December 29, 2017/ Supply Chain Management/ 2 comments

We are going to discussed Procurement and  how supply chain department has to have close interaction with other departments in company for achieving desire goals of company and cannot afford to work in isolation.  Procurement, Structure Of Supply Chain Department Supply chain management being a critical function has to be handled by a competent person who should be part of

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Logistics , Supply Chain Management

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Historic Development. Logistics and Supply Chain Management has been discussed in trade books and textbooks since the past two centuries. The concept of evolution of logistics and supply chain management is of recent origin and has roots in USA. The first college textbook on purchasing was authored by prof. Howard t. Lewis of Harvard business

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DGS&D- Public e-procurement

admin/ December 17, 2017/ Supply Chain Management/ 2 comments

DGS&D- Public e-procurement The DGS&D, the Director General of supplies and disposals is the central agency (DGS&D- Public e-procurement), which buys material on behalf of Government of India. It services various government departments like Ministries, public sector undertakings, Railways, state governments, local public bodies and Quasi public bodies like municipalities, district boards, etc. being a central purchase organization. It has

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